How do I get my Credits back?

In old AndWobble app credits were assigned to your device. You need to register your Google account inside the app to assign credits to your email. To do so install old AndWobble app from here, launch this app and go to 'Credit Balance' screen. Use 'Sign in with Google' button to register your account, once the registration is complete you can go to new AndWobble app and sign in with the same google account. You should now have all your credits, ready to use on all devices you sign it to.

Where can I find my premium code?

If you previously bought AndWobble Premium on Android Market then you can find your Checkout Order number in your account history at https://checkout.google.com. Enter this number in 'User Account' screen in Settings of AndWobble app.

If you bought the code using Paypal on our website then login to My Account page, and provide your Paypal email address in 'Missing code' section, if you don't see it immediatelly.

Do I need Credits with AndWobble Premium?

Purchasing Premium app version gives you following advantages:

You still need Credits to download more images (over your daily quota). This small additional payment ensures that our servers are running as long as there are people willing to use the service. AndWobble Premium is cheap, and it would not be enough to host our service idefinitelly, just see what happens with multiplayer game servers couple months after the game stops selling.

This doesn't affect users who bought premium version through Paypal. You will always have unlimited Credits, as promised.

Why isn't Library included inside the app?

AndWobble Library is relesed as separate app to make sure we don't get banned by ad networks (and google), old app was banned almost everywhere just because ad networks don't like the content that is posted by users (they even had objections to content in TEEN category).
By releasing two separate apps we made sure AndWobble app itself is free of any questionable content and so it is safe.

How do I save my creations?

Images are saved automatically, when you get back to home screen your image is already there, you can long press on it to move it to other categories if you want.
There is also 'Save Copy' option in menu in editor, you can use this to save copy of current image (while editing it)

Why does AndWobble need permission X?

AndWobble requires following permissions:

Can I view .wbl file on my PC / Iphone / Windows Phone?

No. AndWobble .wbl files can be viewed only on Android device with AndWobble app (free or premium). No other applications can fully handle this files.
In fact .wbl file is actually an image files with some metadata, you can see included image in any graphics program (by changing extension to .png), but you won't be able to view the wobble efects.
We may include online preview and/or other platforms support in the future, if we can afford that.

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